Summer shoes for kids

Bobux shoes worn by kid sitting on stool
Photo courtesy of Bobux

Let’s be honest, choosing the right footwear for kids is a not an easy task; size, shape and sole feel seem all too simple. That is, until you find yourself cluelessly browsing the mall department stores, looking for the ‘right fit’ (while the little one wiggles in his seat). However, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief; Fennec and Friends have found a fail-proof guide courtesy of kids’ footwear experts Bobux. Featured in the local brand’s blog, the entry details how to choose the perfect pair for the rug rat that’s suited for the summer season.



Whether you have a newborn, first walker, toddler or active child, the right seasonal shoes are a must! To stay cool and for dress up occasions, choosing a sturdy, yet flexible sandal will keep your child’s feet comfortable as well as looking their best. For an active little one, you will need to put them in shoes that are flexible enough to allow them to move freely, but durable enough to withstand almost any activity they participate in. Unlike heavy winter shoes that are designed to keep their feet warm and toasty, you will want a shoe that is lightweight and well-ventilated for those hot summer days.


For newborns, Bobux Soft Sole shoes are the perfect choice to allow your baby’s feet to flex and move as necessary. The lightweight materials used in the construction of the Soft Sole series guarantees that your child’s comfort is a top priority. If you are looking for the perfect sandal for your first walker, the Jump sandal line is a good choice. The sandals are not only lightweight but also flexible for your kiddo’s developing feet, allowing them to move naturally. For toddlers, the I-Walk series offers the Roam sandal. perfect for quick movers and ultimate comfort. The Soul, Hampton and Driftwood sandals designed for the Kids+ line offer the best in both comfort and durability for children who are extremely active. Designed for older kids up to around seven years old, the Kids+ line is meant to keep up with kids who are always on the go no matter what the temperature or the weather. The Soul and Hampton Sandals have flexible, strappy leather uppers for maximum breathability and a padded sole for extra comfort. The Driftwood sandal is designed to be both durable and stylish for those warm days when only sandals will do.


Child wears Bobux summer shoes

Photo courtesy of Bobux



It’s also important to allow your children a few minutes a day to go barefoot. This allows their feet to stretch and move without any type of restrictions. While sandals and lightweight shoes are great for allowing movement during periods of activity, letting your child run barefoot for a short period of time each day gives their feet the freedom to develop properly. At Bobux, every line of shoes we create is designed by podiatrists and engineers who understand the form and function of a developing foot. The ultimate goal is to provide your child with shoes that are both beautiful to look at and structurally sound. By creating our shoes so that your child’s foot has an opportunity to grow and develop naturally, we hope to help maintain the health of their feet throughout their youth and beyond.