The film TAG follows a group of five friends who have been playing the same game of tag for the past 30 years. Throughout the month of May, every year, Hoagie and his friends go to great lengths to tag each other across the country as each of their lives take them further away from each other as the years go by.

If you like a shallow plot, slapstick humour or have two hours to kill – this movie is for you.

The romantic sub-plot between main characters Chilli, Bob and their shared high school sweetheart is highly disappointing. You have a hot reporter following you around Bob! Wake up! Speaking of significant others, Hoagie’s wife Anna (played by Isla Fisher) was an insufferable scene-stealer as she overacted her role as a competitive wife who isn’t allowed to play the game. I was also surprised that this film could go as far as to offend me an incident towards the end involving Jerry’s high-strung fiance, you’ll know it when you see it.

This bromance-filled film is simple, VERY LOOSELY based on a true story, and sets out to entertain you and the rest of the mainstream movie-goers. And for the most part, it succeeds at this.