The benefits of a full-fat coffee

If you are heading to your local café and think you will try a healthier approach to your morning coffee by skipping the full-fat milk, you are heading for a mistake.

But don’t take it from us, let science do the talking! Here are the top five reasons you shouldn’t skimp on your full-fat milk.


Let’s start with the most obvious factor: taste. This is undoubtedly one of the most compelling reasons for coffee drinkers to stay loyal to their full-fat dairy options. There is no denying that full-fat milk adds a thicker, creamier and all over more delicious flavour to your morning brew. Point number one is a slam dunk, so drink up!

Heart Health

Full-fat dairy food has consistently been linked to better heart health, which is pretty important, particularly for those in an older age bracket. While it has been very on trend to disregard fats as bad for us, in reality, the right fats provide some handy benefits. Heart health is just one area which benefits from the consumption of a hearty glass of milk (no pun intended).


While skim milk is often pitched as being the healthier alternative, it turns out that they are hiding a dirty little secret. Skim milk is higher in sugar, which more modern research has shown is what causes most of our weight and health issues. Full-fat milk in this respect is, in fact, the slimmer choice.


Which is basically a pretty posh word meaning you will feel full for longer. Unlike sugary treats, foods with the right amount of fat can keep you fuller for longer, stopping you from binge eating and actually proving to be the healthier alternative. So, if you were to partake in one regular full-fat coffee, you would be less likely to fork out for a second, but with skim milk, you could be guzzling them back for a while until you felt satisfied.


If you consider yourself an avid gym goer, then full-fat milk may be a better fit for your lifestyle. This option has a significantly higher amount of protein, which is perfect for building muscle if you are an exercise fiend. Without a high-protein diet, you may find your gym visits do not quite hit the spot. So take every opportunity to bulk up, including your morning coffee!