The best cheeses for a tasty omelette

Omelettes are the perfect choice for brunch or dinner as they are packed full of fresh food and delicious flavours which will keep you going for longer. When creating the ideal omelette, people get super creative with their spices, meats and vegetables but often forget to change up the cheeses!

Switching up your cheese choices can give your omelette a new breath of life, so check out our breakdown of the tastiest cheeses to include in your next omelette.


If you are looking for a cheese that will blend with your dish rather than shinning too brightly, you have come to the right place. Gruyere is super melty and will blend so well with your eggs they will become one.

This cheese’s unique texture helps it to blend seamlessly with your omelette, giving your dish a well-rounded flavour that is well beyond what you would get with any stock-standard ingredients.


This cheese can be somewhat mild when eaten uncooked, but once it is melted into your eggy-concoction, it becomes something totally different.

Fontina transforms into a rich and savoury cheese which sits perfectly among the array of ingredients you will include in your omelette. Unlike other savoury cheeses, this delicacy is not supers sharp, so it’s flavour will complement your other components, rather than overpower them.


Now you should be warned, that cheese is not for the faint of heart, as unlike other choices it is made to be a feature of your dish rather than a background flavour.

Gouda has a strong and salty taste which can take your dish to a whole new level, mainly when you are creating an ingredient heavy omelette. It will ensure that your cheese does not go unnoticed, however, if you are looking for more of a pinch of cheesiness this choice may not be quite right for you.

Parmigiano Reggiano

This cheese is creamy, buttery and utterly delicious! When sliced with a fine micro blade it has the potential to thoroughly blend with your omelette as it has a particularly eggy texture. This can transform your dish, ensuring that every mouthful is as cheesy as the last.

However, be warned, this cheese is rather salty so there would be no need to add any additional sprinkles to your dish as it may become a bit overpowering.


This is a raw cow’s milk cheese and is a favourite in the omelette community. It hosts a unique array of flowery aromas which can give your dish an extra punch, and works particularly well in a vegetable-heavy omelette.

Beaufort is very melty, making it easy to cook with and can be paired beautifully with fish, making it the perfect accompaniment to a fresh, summery omelette.