Samuel L Jackson is the hitman, Ryan Reynolds is the bodyguard – need I say more?

Ok sure, here we go then. Reynolds takes on the role of the world’s top protection agent and is stuck protecting his mortal enemy (Jackson). On their way from England to Hague, the duo encounter an array of car chases, boat chases, all to avoid being murdered by an Eastern European dictator.

Let’s just rip the bandaid off. It’s not great, which was really disappointing. I mean it’s alright, but I won’t be watching it or buying the DVD if you know what I’m saying. The constant bickering has ZERO chemistry, literally the only thing that saved this is my love for Ryan Reynolds. When you think Ryan Reynolds, you think DEADPOOL. You think fuck that guy is amazing. This was not one of those moments. All of the chasing and fight scenes – average. It’s a very so-so movie, it wasn’t outstanding in any particular area.

The whole time I was waiting for it to get good… and then it ended. If you have nothing to do on a Thursday night, I guess this is something to watch – but it’s no Deadpool.