LOGAN LUCKY: Surprisingly Great

Walking into the cinema, I didn’t have high hopes… I mean did you see Channing Tatum’s facial hair? I didn’t think you could take one of the sexiest guys alive and turn him into… well whatever look they were going for here.

However, to my surprise – this film was actually really good. Steven Soderbergh returned to the big screen after his ‘retirement’ for this quirky film that is a country version of Siderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy.

As Rebecca Blunt’s first screenplay, she has curated a clever, air-tight story with a surprising twist. Blunt does a great job with the conceal and reveal of the heist plans as I personally thought I had seen all the cards… Some of the criminal cleverness seen is even a little bit reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino’s work.

In the end, Logan Lucky was packed with laughs and great one-liners.