When it comes to weddings, they can sometimes all start to look the same. A beautiful venue, a blushing bride in a stunning white dress, and a wedding cake to top off the day. However, more and more brides are choosing to opt for non-traditional ways to make their big day stand out from the crowd.

One of the latest trends to hit the wedding scene is Donut Walls. These mouth-watering, perfectly styled walls have been stealing the show at product launches, weddings, parties and corporate functions across the globe. Many Couples are moving away from the formal fine dining affair and are instead opting for fun interactive wedding. Creating a unique night that people will remember is of top priority and a donuts wall is the perfect sweet backdrop. Some brides like the added pop of colour, others add the donuts as a bonus dessert and some brides swap-out the traditional cake ceremony entirely, instead choosing to send their guests to the wall. Weddings no longer have to follow the rules instead they can be as unique or alternative as wanted.