What condiments should and shouldn’t be refrigerated? It’s the great debate that can polarise a nation. Even though most product labels come with storing instructions most consumers revert to whatever their parents did growing up. As a general rule of thumb condiments containing fruit, vegetables or dairy should be kept in the fridge whereas, those containing vinegar, sugar, salt and alcohol are safe in the pantry. However, some condiments break these rules, so here is a list of condiments that should and shouldn’t be refrigerated.

Condiments such as; maple syrup, tomato sauce, dijon and whole-grain mustard, barbecue sauce, salad dressings, mayonnaise and all nut and seed based oils should be kept in the fridge as they generally aren’t refined and contain fruit, vegetables or dairy. However; soy sauce, peanut butter, fish sauce, hot sauce, honey, jams, butter, English mustard, and olive and coconut oils can be safely stored in the pantry.