The Lucky Taco Cookbook

The Lucky Taco opened ten years ago on Ponsonby Road, Auckland, as one of Aotearoa’s first gourmet food trucks. As people’s interest in food trucks grew, The Lucky Taco launched and stocked home taco kits, sauces and condiments in the country’s food stores and supermarkets. 

The owners, Sarah and Otis Frizzell, have just recently released their cookbook last month with over 60 secret recipes from tried and true classics to special editions like Pink Pickle, Chilli Lime Salt, and mouthwatering favourites from their home kitchens like Sticky Cider Ribs, The Lucky Burger, R-rated Mac n Cheese and other sweet treats. 

This striking cookbook will look good on coffee tables and kitchen shelves as it inspires recipes for Taco Tuesdays, game nights and Dia de Los Muertos.