There’s nothing better on a rainy Sunday than getting cosy on the couch and settling into a good Netflix show, and statistics show that Kiwi’s love a good Netflix binge. On average, it takes a new Netflix member 12 days to start their first binge, with the majority of users finishing a season in just three days. Who doesn’t love a quickie? For users who have been a member for at least a year, 90 percent have gone all the way and had their First Netflix Binge.
So who did Kiwi’s first binge with? Crazy Eyes or Perthy Dacre Montgomery?

According to Netflix, these are the shows that users binge first in New Zealand:
1. Orange is the New Black
2. Vikings
3. Stranger Things
4. 13 Reasons Why
5. Suits
6. Narcos
7. Jonah from Tonga
8. Prison Break
9. The Last Kingdom
10. American Horror Story