The brewers at Mac’s are celebrating the return of Hay Day Farmhouse Ale – Mac’s brew bar tap beer that proved so popular, it’s coming back.

For a limited time, Hay Day will be available on tap, as well as in a new four pack. Ask the brewers to describe the beer, and they’ll call it barnyard funk – not an obscure 70s music reference, but Hay Bay’s intriguing earthy, tart and spicy flavour.

Light in body with a dry finish, this limited release is the perfect refresher after a hard day of baling hay. But it’s also a marvellous option for modern beer lovers with a curious thirst for new and exciting flavours.

Pilsner and Crystal malts give this beer its light amber colour, while Taiheke hops are added at the end to give the brew its bitterness and to add a slight citrus-like flavour. But the champion of this brew is the speciality French Saison yeast, which is highly aromatic, peppery, spicy and citrusy.

Mac’s Hay Day is available for a limited time in both on tap and in packs.