The Short-List #06 Fruity Snackage, Mexican, Beer and Bathroom Essentials

Get supermarket savvy this week! #TheShortList 

1. Re Fruit snacks 

The perfect 100% healthy snack is here! Re Fruit by Awesome Foods, is packed full of natural flavours and low in calories. This yummy snack even has a sophisticated freeze drying technology, that’s taken the world by storm – It’s always available and never out of season. 5 different flavours to choose from: Strawberry, Apple/Strawberry, Banana/Strawberry, Mango/Strawberry, Pineapple/Strawberry.cb90f37af3a09ffa87a24a3f944e8ffb

2. Chicken Tinga 

Gotta love the Mexican Street Food Stalls, well you can finally have one in your home! Old El Paso Restaurante Chicken Tinga, have brought out a new range, serving up a feast of smoky, spicy Chicken Tinga tacos, perfect for all year round. Easy to prepare. Easy to make. Get your paws on this now!!999999-58300462684

3. Body wash 

I mean who doesn’t like a good body wash? Aveeno Active Naturals: Skin Relief body wash, this earthy smelling product helps soothe itchy/dry skin. Its creamy texture gently cleanses the skin, combining Natural Colloidal oatmeal with rich emollients, holding in moisture even after you’ve washed the product off.


4. Moa Festive IPA 

Are you ready for a Belgian twist to beer? Moa has released their new Festive IPA Belgian Edition, which comes close to a whopping 80 IBU, stepping up the stakes in mouth-numbing bitterness and bold flavours. Sounds pretty good to me!


5. Natural Toothpaste 

My all time favourite toothpaste, Red Seal Natural and Propolis toothpaste. Keeps my teeth and gums super healthy, I have never had a filling before either so I thank you Red Seal! Infused with Purified Water, Totara Extract and Propolis. I totally recommend you add these paraben free products to your bathroom essentials.Propolis-Toothpastenatural-toothpaste