~*~FLAT FIESTA FRIDAY with Old El Paso~*~

Get all your amigos together for Friday and have the biggest fiesta imaginable! And really no one does Mexican better than Old El Paso, he’s always got you covered. So for our #FlatFiesta we tried out the new ‘Restaurante Soft Taco Kit’ for chicken, steak and pork. old el paso fiestaOld El Paso have made this super great new mix and it’s flipping so good we even dressed up.

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One of my favourite things at fiestas is SANGRIA, because who doesn’t love a good cocktail on a Friday? TIP: Don’t forget to slap some flurry mustaches on your wine glasses/cups!

How to make the #FlatFiesta Sangria:
– Red wine
– Half a can of Fanta
– A full can of Sprite
– Half a can of L&P
– Tequila or Rum (or any spirit of your choice really)
– Cut up some beautiful fresh fruit of your choosing (we chose nectarine and apples)
AND MIX IT ALL IN A JUG. The first rule of Sangria making is that THERE ARE NO RULES! Go crazy AND ENJOY!!_MG_7441 _MG_7431