The Top 3 Kombucha’s You Need In Your Fridge

It’s time to treat your body right. Move over sugary fizzy drinks and say hello to Kombucha heaven!

For those who are still confused about what Kombucha is. We’ll tell you.

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened black or green tea drink. Known mostly by its great health benefits, it is now a popular household drink that we all love.

We’ve curated our Top 3 Kombucha’s you need in your fridge, right now, so you don’t have to stand in front of the chiller at your next kombucha shop, being overwhelmed by all the choices.

Soul Sisters Kombucha

Soul Sisters Kombucha is your daily immortal health elixir infused with New Zealand native Kawakawa leaves. Created with Rongoa Maori medicine practices, Soul Sisters Kombucha reveals a unique cleanse from the inside out that enhances your body’s natural healing alignment. Their holistic drink detoxifies your kidney and liver whilst purifying your blood, which allows the benefits to gradually transpire. Soul Sisters Kombucha will boost your immune and digestive system.

Soul Sisters Kombucha was created from a place of darkness. In 2017, founder Renee Macdonald was in the early stages of recovery from a 10-year Methamphetamine addiction. During her recovery, she discovered Kombucha and Rongoa Maori Medicine.

Through this journey of self-discovery, Macdonald has found herself in a place of determination, inspiration and empowerment. No longer bound to the trauma’s of her past, and free from Methamphetamine for three years.

Soul Sisters Kombucha has a natural effervescence and is unique to the market. Soul Sisters Kombucha stays its purest concentrated form without using forced carbonation practices. Soul Sisters Kombucha is natural and non-evasive to the body, helping you realign holistically and naturally.

Soul Sisters Kombucha comes in two flavours:

  • The Original Soul Sisters Kombucha allows you to enjoy the discovery of creating your own unique flavours.
  • Peach and Green Tea Kombucha – a tantalising tonic with that Peachy bite.

Soul Sisters Kombucha allows your Creativity to inspire and empower You.

Ko Renee Macdonald Toku Ingoa

Ko Ngati Raukawa, Ko Te Ati Awa Oku Iwi

Kia Kaha Kia Maia Kia Manawanui

Good Buzz

Good Buzz sets itself apart from all other kombucha brands. All ingredients are fermented together just once and then bottled down the road from the brewery in Greerton, Tauranga.

Some kombucha’s aim for low or no sugar which actually uses a concentrate that is then diluted and sweetened with non-nutritive sweeteners like erythritol and stevia. Other brands may also do a second ferment and add flavour then.

Good Buzz does not do this and is 100 percent raw and unpasteurised. A true brew!

Good Buzz makes only traditional kombucha in seven great flavours: Original, Feijoa, Raspberry Lemon, Pineapple Mango, Lemon Ginger, Strawberry Lemon and Apple Cinnamon which come in 328ml, 888ml and 250ml. We hear that their new Orange Tumeric will be released very soon…

Alex and Amber Campbell founded Good Buzz back in 2014. With the help of their three kids who filled the bottles and did the labelling, Amber focused on the brewing while Alex got out on his motorcycle around New Zealand pitching this new brew to cafes, bars and restaurants.

Good Buzz is now stocked in 2500 retailers nationwide!

So you’re trying to break up with sugar this winter but missing your fave fizzy? Well, it’s Remedy Kombucha to the rescue, all-natural packed with live cultures, organic acids, polyphenols and no sugar, naturally!

Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon is familiar yet new. It’s a classic with a twist. Hot and sour, fiery and tangy, it’s the perfect tummy-tamer. Fresh ginger adds warmth and spice while real lemon adds citrus spark, providing the perfect balance for a real palate pleaser. It’s the perfect soft drink swap to have on hand.

Find Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon in your local supermarket, now.