These bizarre foods will make any foodie squirm (or drool?)

Shrimp cocktail donuts
Photo courtesy of: Blue Star Donuts Facebook page

It seems that a growing trend in the food industry is to produce the most outrageous food possible. Some may say this is done to elicit feelings of shock and, on the rare occasion, awe in consumers. This phenomenon can be likened to ‘stunt journalism’; a schtick that today’s writers succumb to, to get riveting stories that the public oh-so-love. (See: writer from an online publication who only ate burritos for a week).

The point is this: there’s something genuinely amusing about the thought of someone somewhere out there pitching a Kani-flavoured doughnut with a boiled cow-head jelly filling. Fennec and friends can almost picture it:

“It’s not outrageous enough!” the CEO shouts in frustration, “we need something that will make people squirm in disgust!” he continues as a menacing grin slowly spreads on his lips.

Theatrics aside, we decided to compile a list of the most controversial food flavours we can find on the internet. So, you too can share in our amusement. Enjoy.


  1. Kale-flavoured Candy Canes
    Kale Candy Canes

    Photo courtesy of Archie McPhee

    The vegans are at it again! (Just kidding) Seattle-based Archie Mcphee store has released Kale-flavoured candy canes among its other unique flavours such as mac and cheese, clams, sliced ham and pizza. The green candy cane is said to capture the ‘bitter grassy’ taste of the vegetable.

  2. Mayonnaise Icecream Bars
    Mayonnaise-flavoured icecream bar

    Photo courtesy of

    Hailing from Japan, Morinaga Milk Industry created Calorie Monster, a mayo-flavoured ice cream encased in a white chocolate shell.

  3. Pumpkin Spice Cheese
    Pumpkin spice cheese

    Photo courtesy of Aldi

    As part of their latest range of Halloween-themed cheeses, supermarket chain Aldi unveiled the Scary Pumpkin Spice; a Wensleydale cheese mixed with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

  4. Mint Chocolate-flavoured Popcorn
    Doc popcorn mint chocolate tub

    Photo courtesy of Doc Popcorn

    The subject of mint chocolate flavour is quite polarising. There’s an equal number of people that either loves it unconditionally or hate it with a passion. Manhattan-based Doc Popcorn has heeded the cries of the former and naturally formulated a mint-chocolate flavour of its popcorn. Yuck or Yum? We’ll leave this one up to you.

  5. Spicy Shrimp Cocktail Donut
    Shrimp cocktail donuts

    Photo courtesy of Blue Star Donuts Facebook page

    As an April Fool’s prank last year, Portland-based Blue Star Donuts created a spicy shrimp cocktail doughnut. The doughnut features a brioche bun dunked in a tomato-based puree glaze and topped with raw shrimps and a lemon wedge.

  6. Cappuccino-flavoured Lays crisps
    Cappuccino Lays crisps

    Photo courtesy of Frito Lays

    Borne out of a Frito Lays competition “Do Us A Flavour” in 2014, the cappuccino-flavoured Lays placed as a finalist. Amazon describes the taste as “earthy, bold espresso notes along with soft, creamy dairy and just a hint of cinnamon.”

  7. Orange Fanta jelly pudding  In collaboration with Congara Brands, the orange Fanta-flavoured pudding was revealed in the showroom floor of the 2019 National Association of Convenience Stores. The Fanta-flavoured jelly snack is set to the US supermarket shelves soon.
Fanta pudding snack pack

Photo courtesy of Congara Brands

There you have it. We hope you were amused as you much as you were disgusted or perhaps excited? Hey, no judgements.