This Is Your Sign To Pre-order Warioware: Get It Together!

If you’ve had a Wii before, you’ll be familiar with the Warioware series. We downloaded the Warioware: Get It Together! demo from Nintendo Switch – wanting to get a sense of nostalgia, and boy, Wario did not disappoint.

Coming out on the 10th of September, Wario takes us back into the world of mini-games, literally.

With all familiar characters even more cartoonish than before, we see them sucked into Wario’s new gaming console. For the first time ever, players get to control the characters individually as each of them has their own unique skill.

In the demo, you can choose up to three characters at a time to aid you in the game. As usual, they are silly, funny, and chaotic when playing with others.

Our current high score is 31 stages (with a lot of shouting and screaming). Can you beat us?