This July Look Good And Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better is an organisation that offers a range of free support programmes for cancer patients, giving them the confidence to live their new normal.

This July more than twenty brands are coming together at Farmers to donate $1 from each of their sales towards Look Good, Feel Better well-being programmes. With 71 people being diagnosed each day, the demand has never been higher.

“To learn how draw eyebrows, frame your face, or learn manage the change in nails and skin can be the most powerful thing for somebody to have that sense of normality,” said  Clare O’Higgins, general manager of Look Good Feel Better. “They feel part of a community who understands what they are going through, they feel more in control, have a sense of normality and more confidence to face treatment or return to work.”

Look Good, Feel Better consists of 12 programmes available both online and offline, with empowering cosmetic classes, on-demand how-to videos, live streamed Q&A discussions and gentle exercises including mindfulness and yoga. They also host Cancer Conversations podcasts.