Tik Tok’s Delicious Team-up

If you’re in the United States and you want a Whopper for $1, you’ll have to dance for it.

Burger King has teamed up with TikTok on the Whopper Dance Challenge. TikTok creators Nathan Davis Jr., Loren Gray and Avani Gregg posted dance tutorial videos on their personal TikTok pages, demonstrating moves that represent Whopper sandwich combinations that users can incorporate into their orders.

To receive the sandwich for $1 via the Burger King app, people must follow Burger King on TikTok and post their dance video to the platform using the specialised Burger King soundtrack and the #WhopperDance hashtag. After doing so, they receive a direct message on TikTok containing a unique code that can be redeemed on the Burger King app. The promotion has been extended for one more week.

“We are investing in our digital channels and are always looking for innovative ways to engage with guests,” said Burger King director, media and social channels Jorge Luiz R. Oliveira.

“The Burger King North America team is constantly pushing into new territories, and Whopper Dance on TikTok is one of these ideas.”