A recent study has revealed that 90 percent of Kiwis would like to change the way they eat but do not have enough time or willpower to do so.

Conducted by the meal-kit provider, HelloFresh, the diets of over 1000 Kiwis were analysed, with a resounding number of people, around 83 percent, saying that they are unhappy with the way they eat. Even more so, around 90 percent, of participants said that they would like to eat more vegetables, snack less or cook more.

The study also revealed the profound effect life-changing events could have on dietary habits, such as retiring, having a baby and moving in with a partner.

HelloFresh found that one in four new parents said they didn’t have time for eating a balanced diet. This same group of people also said that they were forced to eat at irregular times.

Recently split couples were also at risk of adverse dietary habits. Around 43 percent of those that had recently split from their partner reported cooking less than twice a week. Additionally, recently split women, about 11 percent, tended to gain weight post-break-up, while men reported losing weight.

Those that have recently moved out of home often found themselves left longing for their parents’ cooking, with seven in ten saying they cooked once or twice a week.

On the bright side, retirement brings relief! It was found that around 41 percent of Kiwis that retired or found themselves with an empty nest made healthier eating choices. The same group of respondents, the retired or empty-nested, said that 24 percent of them willingly lost weight.