Top Five Weird and Wonderful McDonald’s Restaurants

With the popular fast food chain opening two fully automated restaurants in the United States, the time is right to revisit some of the strangest, weird and wonderful McDonald’s restaurants around the world. With some being far away, and others being closer to home, here are our top five picks of the most out-there McDonald’s restaurants to visit.

Number Five: Bank of McDonald’s.

This beautiful building which stands in Kristiansand, Norway, was once a bank. Having been revitalised as a McDonald’s, the architectural exterior and interior are very impressive, and remain exactly how they were in the building’s days as a bank.

Number Four: Unidentified Flying Big Mac.

Roswell, New Mexico is infamous for the extra-terrestrial rumours which surround the area. This particular McDonald’s outlet is shaped like a spaceship, complete with aliens outside to greet guests.

Number Three: McDonald’s Down Under.

This retro building found in Melbourne parodies a scene straight out of the 1950s. Having previously been a hotel,  this ‘Macca’s’ has become popular with locals thanks to the quirky exterior and retro dining theme it illuminates. 

Number Two: McDonald’s Airways.

Found in Taupō, this impressive decommissioned DC3 was a part of every family holiday. Instead of flying 38,000 feet up in the sky, the popular aeroplane has become a local landmark.

Number One: McSki.

The McSki can be found in the popular Swedish ski resort of Lindvallen, located approximately 450 kilometres northwest of Stockholm. Skiers who pass by can order cheeseburgers and fries through a window, then ski off to complete the run.