MAFS S10 EP28 | “Like Keys In A Bowl.”


Married At First Sight (MAFS): whether you know it, love it and can’t get enough of it or have absolutely no clue what it is, it is undoubtedly all anyone in the office is talking about.   

For all those too pressed for time to watch (or would rather watch anything else), this is your (somewhat) reliable source of juicy updates to keep up with all the office banter. 

For the avid MAFS viewers, if you’re here because you want to know whether or not your MAFS opinions are controversial, I hope you find solace below. 

Episode Twenty-Eight: The Final Soiree 

The last dinner party has finally passed. With the end in sight, Harrison took the opportunity to poke the (figurative) bear looming over various relationships, seemingly enjoying the attention of being this season’s controversial figure. 

Harrison and Bronte got into yet another argument, where Bronte recounted the tribulations of the girl’s night she promptly left after her relationship with Harrison was doubted. However, in true Harrison style, the groom confessed to the camera Bronte’s flip-flopping attitude with their relationship of hating him, leaving, and coming back within 24 hours, claiming she’s still falling for him, which was why the other brides questioned her. 

Harrison stated that she was turning the blame on him. How Harrison managed to turn that one around was the question, yet his antics were no longer a surprise. 

“I want to go home. I think that’s obvious. I have nothing left,” said Bronte, storming off again. 

The cameras turned to Ollie and Tahnee getting ready, the couple which at this point appears to be the only feasibly lasting pairing. Ollie put on a black turtle neck with a gold chain, the couple giggling at his outfit’s resemblance to the Rock, which they commemorated with a photo shoot. 

As couples filtered into the waiting area to dine, Harrison entered alone and was quickly questioned about his wife’s whereabouts. The tension was palpable; Harrison puffed up, ready to do his bit. However, Melinda and Layton arrived just in time. 

“There’s a bit of tension in here,” said Layton after the couple greeted everyone. 

Eyes quickly turned to Layton and Duncan, the sporting pair wearing the same outfit, right down to the colour of their pocket square. Layton joked that the pair were ‘thing one’ and ‘thing two’. 

“I’ll give you thing one for the skeletal structure.” 

The humour didn’t last long, and the couples were at the dinner table, with Melinda asking Harrison about his wife’s whereabouts. Harrison replied that he just wanted to spend time with his friends and eat.

“Are you his friend?” Tahnee asked Ollie in confessionals. 

“He’s a… guy,” replied Ollie. 

The conversation quickly pivoted after Alyssa announced that the whole group was emotionally exhausted by Harrison’s charade and that the dinner should be dedicated to other couples sharing their problems (which none are qualified to help fix). 

Lyndall and Cam were up first. With Cam stating his job would take him away for several months of the year, he repeated his anecdotal refrain of being stuck between a rock and a hard place while offering no compromise or solutions. 

Melinda asked the question on everyone’s mind, stating that when interviewing for the experiment, each participant was asked if they would move for love. 

“What was your answer then?” asked Melinda.

I said yes, I would move for love,

“I said yes, I would move for love,” answered Cam. He rambled on, but his answer spoke volumes, the meaning clear to Lyndall, the table, and the experts watching. Cam would move for love but doesn’t love Lyndall enough to do it. 

Next on the chopping block were Melinda and Layton, with Layton reiterating his discomfort with the recent partner swap. While Layton spoke as if he was in a board room meeting, the emotion behind his words was evident. However, he refused to hear any other perspective. 

“It’s like keys in a bowl,” Harrison probed after Layton confessed to not enjoying the idea of another man moving into his shared apartment with Melinda or moving in with the wife of another couple’s shared apartment. 

Layton continued as Melinda interrupted, where he accused her of joking about ‘keys in a bowl’, the comment Harrison had only just thrown in to create further angst.

“I’m pulling a Bronte and walking off,” announced Melinda. 

As she stormed out of the room, a few brides followed her while others stayed behind. 

“The whole table has seen their fighting style, and it’s quite ugly,” revealed expert John Aiken. 

Whether or not the couple survives this disagreement remains to be seen.