Top Picks for Kids – June

What’s new in picture books? Here is our June round up of the top books for kids under 7. Got a favourite book of the month? Let us know what you’re reading in the comments.


Bad Cat! By Nicola O’Byrne

Fluffykins the cat creates one calamity after another in this hilarious story from Nicola O’Byrne, winner of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2014

Fluffykins is a lovely cat. He wouldn’t do anything naughty . . . would he? But what’s this? He’s knocked over the flowers, tangled up all the knitting, bent the blinds, trodden on the laptop AND scratched the sofa . . . and he won’t say sorry. What a bad cat! Whatever will Fluffykins do next? This witty and perfectly-paced story by award-winning author-illustrator Nicola O’Byrne revels in all the mayhem of living with a feline friend.

I Am the Universe, by Vasanti Unka

A gorgeous illustrated story about our place in the Universe with a billion star rating.

From glittering galaxies to busy city streets, this stunning picture book takes you on a tour around the Universe.

I am the Universe,

an infinite space

of glittering galaxies.

It’s a starlit journey through space that will lead you to a wonderful planet brimming with all kinds of life – including yours.

This stunning story demonstrating the scale of the Universe and our place in it was created especially for children aged three years and up by the award-winning author-illustrator Vasanti Unka, who lives in Auckland, New Zealand, the Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy, the Milky Way, the Universe.

Where’s Mr Pirate? By Ingela P. Arrhenius

A swash-buckling new addition to the must-have novelty series!

A fantastic pirate title in this brilliant board book series for babies and toddlers. Illustrated in bright, bold colour by Ingela Arrhenius, with easy-to-grasp, shaped felt flaps on every spread, and a surprise mirror ending! A perfect book to share with very little ones.

Yellow Truck Road Train, by Mandy Tootell

Vibrant artwork and a fabulous read-aloud text about a truck-driving, cattle-wrangling family navigating the roads and changing seasons of the Top End.

Dad is waiting for the wet season to end so Yellow Truck Road Train can get back to work.

There are cattle and donkeys to load, kangaroos to look out for, heat and dust, and always plenty to do.

Come aboard Yellow Truck Road Train and experience life in the outback and on the road!

Mabel and the Mountain, by Kim Hillyard

Mabel will inspire, engage and empower readers everywhere; the perfect book for fans of Rob Biddulph, Rachel Bright and Jim Field.

Mabel may be small but she has BIG plans . . .

Introducing the marvellous Mabel – an adventurous fly who dreams of climbing mountains, much to the disbelief of her flying friends.

From exciting new picture-book talent Kim Hillyard, this positive picture book will inspire readers big and small to follow their hearts and face new challenges.

Too Many Cheeky Dogs (Bigismob Jigiwan Dog) by Johanna Bell and Dion Beasley, translated by Meigim Kriol Strongbala

Rediscover this much loved book featuring the cheeky antics of dogs in a remote outback community, and experience Kriol, a lively language from the north of Australia.

So begins this Kriol edition of the bestselling cheeky book set in a remote Indigenous community, romping through numbers, colours and days of the week to the hilarious finale.

Farmyard Friends: Higgly Hen, by Axel Scheffler

A friendly, rhyming farmyard tale from bestselling, award-winning illustrator Axel Scheffler Higgly Hen has lost her chicks! Oh dear, wherever can they be? Follow Higgly around the farmyard as she searches for her missing chicks. p>Other titles in the series include: Gobbly Goat, Cuddly Cow and Portly Pig

Take a trip to the farm with these new look cased board books featuring much loved artwork from illustrator of The Gruffalo and the Pip and Posy series. With simple, yet funny texts that are perfect for reading aloud.

Farmyard Friends: Portly Pig, by Axel Scheffler

A friendly, rhyming farmyard tale from bestselling, award-winning illustrator Axel Scheffler Portly Pig loves nothing more than being mucky! He sets off around the farm in search of a big muddy puddle, but what will he do when it starts to rain?

Take a trip to the farm with these new look cased board books featuring much loved artwork from illustrator of The Gruffalo and the Pip and Posy series. With simple, yet funny texts that are perfect for reading aloud.

Listen to the Seaside, by Marion Billet

A captivating series of sound-button books with six amazing real-life sounds.

Adults and children alike will be enchanted by these charming board books, which are distinguished by the exceptional quality of the sounds that bring every picture to life. Aimed at the very young, the books have a button on every spread, which triggers one of six different seaside sounds.

Emergency Vehicles, by Simon Tyler

A thrilling book packed with full-colour technical illustrations and information about emergency vehicles from around the world. Featuring various emergency scenarios, and fully researched to be up to the minute, this book is already a hit in-house.

Yoga Animals: In the Forest, by Christiane Kerr, illustrated by Julia Green

Yoga Animals introduces children to yoga and mindfulness through an engaging story and illustrated step-by-step yoga poses.

Filled with adorable artwork and simple, step-by-step guides, Yoga Animals is a charming introduction to yoga and mindfulness for children aged three and above. Guided by a narrative and written by a children’s yoga expert, this book is an ideal first yoga book for young children. In the story, a sluggish bear wakes up from a deep sleep and needs a good stretch to get his energy back after a long nap. Readers then follow Bear as he goes about his day and learns some fun yoga poses along the way! Children are shown how to stretch, balance, reach and leap with Bear as he meets some forest friends who teach him how to boost his energy, stay calm and positive, and relax, using yoga.

Puddle Hunters, by Kirsty Murray and Karen Blair

This beautiful book captures the eternal delight of young children splashing about in puddles and experimenting with language.

When the rain stops it’s time to go puddle hunting.

Ruby and Banjo and Mum go up the street, and into the park, over the bridge and down to the riverflats where the puddles lie waiting…

Splosh it, Ruby! Splosh it, Banjo! Splosh it, Mum!

A glorious celebration of splashing and squelching all the way home.

Zac and Zeb and the Make Believe Birthday Party, by Sarah Massini

It’s Zac’s birthday and by the end of his party, his best friend – Zeb – is feeling glum: Zeb wishes it was his birthday too, as parties look such fun. Zac decides to cheer Zeb up with a make-believe birthday party, which takes them on magical journey to the moon and back for a really special birthday treat!