Travelling Back In Time

Egypt: In The Time Of Pharaoh

Auckland Museum has shared its latest upcoming exhibition, opening June 15th. The new exhibition will traverse back in time, sharing a new perspective on the first unified empires of the ancient world.

Egypt: In The Time Of Pharaohs will examine the daily lives of ancient Egyptians, a society and culture that has inspired centuries of questions and research to understand and uncover. The Auckland Museum’s exhibition will display hundreds of artefacts, artwork and interactive to give guests an immersive experience to learn more about the public, private, and sacred rituals and practices of ancient Egyptian people and the lingering impact this ancient empire has on the modern world. 

Through the interactive displays, guests will gain insights into the lives and fates of Egyptian pharaohs, ancient Egyptian religion, gods, and the afterlife. However, the interactive will also share ancient Egyptian’s perspectives on personal beauty, the landscape and climate under which they lived, the hieroglyphs and tools of communications that empowered and educated dynasties, and the rituals and practices that the ancient Egyptians connected the living and the dead. 

Members of the Auckland Museum have access to tickets for the exhibition now and also have free entry. However, public ticket sales are open from Tuesday, June 6th. Egypt: The Time Of Pharaohs exhibition is open from June 15th until Sunday, November 12th. 

For more information, visit the Auckland Museum website.