Irish rock band, U2, are planning to pay tribute to late Kiwi friend with their return to Auckland shores next month.

The bands ‘Joshua Tree Tour’ will commence on November 8 and begin with two shows at Auckland’s Mount Smart stadium. The show will include honouring a dear friend and former roadie, Greg Carroll, who famously charmed his way into a job with the band during their first visit to New Zealand in 1984.

Carroll initially developed a close friendship with U2’s lead singer, Bono, later becoming his personal assistant. Tragically, Carroll was killed in a motorcycle accident in Dublin, 1986. He was 26-years-old.

The tour will see the band revisit their classic 1987 album with the iconic hit ‘One Tree Hill’ dedicated to their close friend.

Carroll’s former colleague and U2’s long-time creative director, Willie Williams, said he is delighted that the tour will begin in Auckland and pay tribute to Carroll.

“Greg’s someone we’ve never forgotten. Obviously the album is dedicated to him. And even though One Tree Hill, if you read the lyrics clearly, it’s about other things as well, but it’s very much Greg’s spirit in that song and indeed in the album,” said Williams.

“In the past when that song has been played in New Zealand we’ve always tried to make it special for them and I’m sure we’ll do something for Greg again.”