With the release of self-lacing sneakers by adidas, it seems only appropriate that self filling water bowls are also in existence. The New Zealand-designed pet water bowl, Torus, has blown up around the world, having recently launched in the United States and dominating the market.

No batteries or power source, the Torus bowl automatically dispenses fresh, filtered water for your pets ensuring the best quality hydration – not to mention it’s totally awesome.

“After launching in March to rave reviews, it’s a considerable honour and goes to show how far Kiwi ingenuity can go.”

The large size stores two litres and is available in a range of colours, with plans to release a special pink edition for the small range.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer number of positive responses Torus has received from arund the world. As well as being available in New Zealand and Amazon in the UK, US and Canada, we now have distribution partners in the US, UK, Europe, Brazil, Australia, UAE, Singapore, Japan and Korea,” said Kim Goldsworthy of pet technology company, Heyrex.

Australian retailer Petstock have come on board, coupled with New Zealand distributor, Brooklands, means Torus will be readily available just in time for the launch of the 1 litre variant, and Christmas.