What is COS? Just H&M with a New Label

It is unbelievable that NO ONE knows that COS – the new sexy fast fashion store in Newmarket – is owned and operated by H&M. Yes, that’s right. That overpriced crap is just expensive H&M. H&M Group actually own several brands which all produce pretty damn similar stuff flooding an already overwhelmed market of cheap bad quality garments. These include: COS, Weekday, Monki, H&M Home, & Other Stories, ARKET, and last but not least – Afound.

Ironically the information is all on their website, very easy to find. So what’s the real difference between H&M and COS? Honestly? No much.

H&M explained on their website that COS offers “reinvented classics and wardrobe essentials” all of which are “designed to live beyond the season”. This may be their design ethos, but I doubt it will last more than 20 washes. Both H&M and COS rely on partnerships/collaborations to drum up interest. Both are working on becoming sustainable, but until you stop producing millions of garments monthly – I don’t see how you can even try to make a dent unless they just closed their monopoly doors. COS has 270 stores worldwide, H&M has 5,076. So they have created COS to become a niche store that doesn’t have the tarnished branding of the evil fast fashion giant H&M. Long story short – It’s expensive crap.

Why buy that, when you could easily go two streets over and find all the amazing New Zealand made and designed stores in Newmarket. Support your local designers or they will quickly disappear. The result of NOT buying New Zealand made or designed clothes means we will ONLY have international fast fashion mega stores like H&M and COS. BORING! If you need a winter coat, choose your local.