WOOHOO! Natural, Effective and Smells Sweet As

Woohoo! Deodorant Paste is a 100 percent natural, healthy deodorant that works all-day and perfect for sensitive skin.

Antiperspirants use aluminium salts to block your pores and stop sweating. This is bad because aluminium salts have possible links to serious health concerns. Woohoo! Has been put through its paces by some pretty extreme consumers so you can count on it to see you through tough, sweaty workouts, searing summer heatwaves, and long stressful days at work. And it does all this without a hint of body odour, leaving you free to focus on being your most awesome, toxin-free self.

Woohoo! Is a fast acting, long lasting all day protection deodorant against body odour. It has four powerful odour busting ingredients not just bicarbonate of soda. It helps control wetness by absorbing moisture and rubs on clear so no white marks or yellow stains on clothing. It is vegan approved and owned and made in Australia with 100 percent recyclable packaging. The deodorant is the perfect all natural alternative and contains around 50 percent organic ingredients.