Activewear represents 24 percent of all apparel industry sales, you’d be a fool to not get on board. Kora founder, Michael Kleinwort, was trekking through the Eastern Himalayas when he discovered the benefits of yak wool. As a conservationist and endurance athlete, Kleinwort started a social company creating the world’s best technical base apparel layers, which would run on fair trade principals.

Yak wool is warmer and more breathable than merino, wicks moisture efficiently and allows sweat vapor to escape from your skin so you don’t overheat. It is also naturally anti-bacterial, making the fabric smell fresher longer. Kora’s proprietary yak wool fabrics are soft, itch-free (similar to cashmere) and offer built-in 40+ UPF sun protection.Kora garments made from Hima-Layer™ Original 230 fabric, and the label guarantee purchase of all of the wool from a co-operative every year, giving over 90 families a stable income they can count on. No yaks are harmed in the process. The wool is harvested every year as the yaks naturally shed a fine underlayer.