3 Tunes For A Chilled-Out Autumn

Somehow summer has passed us by, disappearing around the corner like a city slicker sidestepping a mobile charity worker (you know the clipboard-wearing, grin-bearing types) or a cat dashing away from the fate of a bath.

There’s no need to let the eventual demise of the warmer weather dampen the spirits, however. The summer festival route might become a memory, but we’re still all about cranking the tunes and enjoying lazy catch-ups with friends.

Here are our top three tunes for easing yourself into autumn.

Bob Moses – Tearing Me Up

Featuring on the 2015 album entitled Days Gone By, this is a choice number with velvety vocals reminiscent of Chris Isaak. Bob Moses is a two-piece with ties to both New York and Vancouver and the complete discography certainly warrants your ears’ attention.

Kendrick Lamar – untitled 03 05.28.13

The king of cool has done it again with his latest album, Untitled Unmastered, which is punchy and poetic. His recent visit to the Big Smoke for the country’s slickest new music festival, Auckland City Limits, was undoubtedly well-timed for long-time fans and recent bandwagon jumpers.

Beirut – Gibraltar

Remember that melancholic ditty Elephant Gun that made you feel all of the feelings circa 2007? Beirut has done it again with Gibraltar, though this time the vibe is more uplifting. We’re also digging the track Perth, which will have you grooving in your seat. Both tunes feature on the album No No No, but our review is Yes Yes Yes! Ahoy, dad joke.

– Ines Shennan