4 Stress Release Hobbies To Pick Up In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Now that we are staying at home more than ever, picking up a couple of new hobbies to kill time seems like a great idea. Especially hobbies that can help to relieve stress and improve one’s attention to detail (while still being fun).

Remember when the adult colouring book, Secret Garden, by Johanna Basford, first came out? Everyone I knew had a copy. We started realising that, even though we’re adults, fun hobbies like colouring-in can be beneficial for us too! Let’s not reserve all the fun for the kids!

Shortly after the colouring-in phase, a lot of different kinds of arts and crafts activities for adults appeared to help relieve stress.

Scroll down to discover an array of projects you can take on to calm the mind while still being challenging and enjoyable.

Diamond painting

One of our favourites would have to be diamond painting. The “painting” comes in different sizes with either square or round “diamonds”. Using a special applicator, stick the coloured gems on an adhesive colour-coded canvas base to create a gorgeous art piece. Once you’re all done, the resin rhinestones creates a pretty shimmering effect.

Happy Painting offers a wide range of categories and designs to choose from, as well as, custom designs that allow you to upload your own picture for a forever lasting memory or an amazing gift idea!

Paint by numbers

Not a painter? No problem. Paint by numbers is easy, relaxing and fun!

Each kit includes a canvas with outlines of what colour goes where – struggle-free. Find the correct colour by choosing the matching numbers on the canvas and the paint tub.

Paint Plot has heaps of different categories of paintings to choose from, you are bound to find something you love or something that goes well in the house or as a gift.

Building blocks

Building blocks are loved by many and across all ages. Lego would be the most well-known brand that comes to mind – but it can be quite an expensive hobby to keep.

LOZ Block, on the other hand, is an affordable blocks brand with a lot more designs and sizes. From cartoons, architecture, cars to pets. Simply follow the given instructions and start building!

Cross stitching

Diyhomever takes cross stitch designs to a whole new level. The kit comes with a coloured canvas with symbols/numbers that allocate to which colour string to use and detailed instructions to help you get started. Once you’ve picked a design to tackle, enjoy each stitch and a sense of accomplishment when you’re done!