7 Boredom-Killing Useless Websites

Got too much time on your hands? Endless scrolling down on Netflix and still can’t find something to watch? Or maybe you’re finally up to date with all your social media; look no further; we’ve got the perfect solution to kill that extra time.

Scroll down to enter a world of exciting yet useless websites. You’ve got to be extremely bored to be clicking onto any of these.

Warning: Enter at your own risk. The team at Fennec take no responsibility for the hours of your life that might be sucked away by any of the above sites.

Take Me To A Useless Website


This is pretty self-explanatory; the site will take you to a random website with each click. However, the sites all have one thing in common; they are all utterly useless.

Rock Paper Scissors


A few rounds of rock paper scissors with an artificially intelligent robot hand will probably kill some time? Even a few minutes, maybe?

Slap Kirk


It’s time to slap Captain Kirk. The website features the fictional Star Trek character who gets slapped by the direction of your mouse from left to right. On the top right, it also shows the speed of the slaps and the amount.

Online Rubik’s Cube


A Rubik’s cube simulator, yes, you can now play Rubik’s cube online. Believe it or not, time does fly with this one.

Best Way To Waste Your Time


Click on the button, and the timer starts. Each day, hour, minute and second wasted on this website are calculated and added onto the grand total when you stop. There is also a statistic of how many people waste their time on this website each year!

Pointer Pointer


Move your mouse anywhere on the website, and it’ll magically find a picture that happens to have someone pointing directly at the location of your mouse.



A collection of random and weird videos that are lingering around the internet. This is definitely my number 1 time killer if you are into moving images. But be warned, there are some really random and bewildering videos out there.