Ardell’s Active Lash

Whether you’re a fitspo fan, athlete, or are just always on the go, get ready to flex your falsies with Ardell’s newest addition to its lash range – Active Lash. These long-lasting faux lashes withstand sweat and water while retaining a curl you can count on.

Available in three chic, sporty styles, each lash is designed with Nano Lamination technology, high-performance fibres and a flexible, lightweight band – so you can look attractive while staying active.

Rev up your routine with Active Lash Speedy (pictured), RRP $16.99. This sporty shorty is light volume and a natural length to give you a subtle yet flawless finish. The fluttery texture and flared rounded shape energise the eyes while serving a snatched cat-eye look.

fake eyelashes

For a lash that does the heavy lifting for you, try out the Active Lash Gainz RRP $16.99 – these lashes go the extra mile with volume and push the limits on length. The crisscrossed fibres are built with tapered tips that blend flawlessly with your lashes while making the eyes appear fresh and vibrant, enhancing that post-workout glow!

fake eyelashes

For a lash with a sleek physique, go with Active Lash Physical RRP $16.99; these lashes are a light volume, medium length style that serves a natural swear-they’re-mine finish. These lashes will have your heart racing with their lightly wispy fibres and power-lifted curl that stays in place during the hardest of sets. The breathable band gives you the freedom to move, and the eye-opening silhouette adds some oomph to your gym glam.

black eyelinerAnd lock your lashes in with the new Active Duo in black, RRP $19.99 – from humid weather, steamy workouts, and days that turn to nights, this super-strength adhesive has a grip that sticks. Pair with an Ardell Active Lash for ultimate endurance in the most intensive activities.

From Ardell Lash, available exclusively at Farmers