Around the Water Cooler: MAFS Episode Thirty

Married at First Sight: It’s the show all your colleagues are talking about, and the pressure to join in is mounting. If you are looking for a way to join in the office banter without actually having to commit to watching the show, you have come to the right place!

We provide updates on every episode, summarising the hour-long show into a crisp few paragraphs so you can join your colleagues in a friendly laugh and spend your weeknights watching anything else!

Episode Thirty:

The couples came together with their friends and family in this episode to share some valuable time together and get to know each other.

Cam and Jules had both been feeling extremely stressed about all the drama going on in the group. So much so that mid-interview Cam burst into tears and practically fell into his wife. It was a pretty weird thing to watch, and we couldn’t help but feel for the guy. After a good cry, the two met with their families and had a pleasant night. Their dads even dressed in matching sweaters.

Tamara and Dan had a rather awkward gathering of family, with both sides of the table deducing that there had been trouble in paradise. I wonder why…

Jess’s brother and father came to the dinner with Mick’s family, and the encounter started rather rockily. Mick decided to bite the bullet and confront the unpleasant things he had said about the pair at their wedding. Honesty was perhaps not the best policy in this instance, as both father and son seemed pretty put off by the whole situation. Fortunately, their anger seemed to subside as quickly as it rose, and the group got along relatively well. Mick’s sister Leisa was quiet but perceptive, musing to the camera about the reasons Jess may have for keeping Mick in the experiment given their lack of connection.

Jess and Dan met up after their respective family gatherings from some chitter chatter and awkward thigh touching. The two are growing closer and it is pretty gross.

Martha and Michael were confronted by their families about what their future may look like after the experiment. “Long distance relationships don’t work,” insisted Martha’s mother. A harsh but true reality the couple will have to come to terms with.

Heidi and Mike were, once again, fighting about something ridiculous and expressed wanting to call the whole thing off. However, during lunch with their family, they received some relationship-saving advice. Mike’s dad shared the real secret to a long-lasting relationship: accepting that no marriage will ever be perfect but working at it anyway. He told them that they were expecting too much of each other too quickly, and they should be more accepting of one another’s faults. He was pretty spot on the money, and the couple began to thaw.

Ning and Mark were nowhere to be seen. Standard.

Cutest Moment of the Episode:

Jules holding her cry baby husband. (Not to be taken seriously, men can cry all they like, Cam just so happens to have a very strange cry face)

Most Hilarious Moment of the Episode:

Cam’s cry face.