Ask Aunty: Seasons by Aunty Munya Andrews

Ask Aunty: Seasons is a delightful and educational picture book for children aged five to ten years that introduces First Nations seasonal calendars.

For First Nations People, the seasons don’t change when the calendar does. Instead, they look for changes in plants, animals, water, weather and the stars to mark the start of a new season.

An Elder from the Kimberley region of Western Australia, Aunty Munya, co-directs Evolve Communities and runs cultural awareness training programs.

To engage the Evolve audience, Aunty Munya creates ‘Ask Aunty’ videos for the website and TikTok channel. In these videos, she translates words from the Bardi language and discusses cultural knowledge in a fun and accessible way.

With stunning illustrations by Charmaine Ledden-Lewis, Ask Aunty: Seasons encourages all readers to develop a deeper connection with nature.

Ask Aunty: Seasons releases on the 15th of November, 2023.