Atomic Museum To Display 1958 Ford Nucleon Model

To celebrate the coming of Formula 1 to Las Vegas, The Atomic Museum will launch a new display featuring the 1958 Ford Nucleon 3/8 scale model showcasing the impact of nuclear energy on automotive design.

Although the concept car was never manufactured, the Ford Nucleon was designed to be powered by a rear-mounted, self-contained nuclear reactor. At the time of its unveiling, the atomic automobile idea assumed issues with nuclear safety would eventually be resolved, and the size and weight of nuclear reactors would eventually be reduced.

The Atomic Museum will also display a brochure for the concept car titled “Nucleon, a Glimpse into an Atomic-Powered Future” from 1958.

“This iconic piece of automobile history represents a fusion of science, engineering and innovation, mirroring the spirit of Formula 1 racing,” said Rob McCoy, CEO of Atomic Museum. “We invite visitors to join us on this incredible journey through time and technology as we bring together the worlds of atomic energy and high-speed racing.”

The Ford Nucleon 3/8-scale model and brochure will be displayed from November to January.