Basement Theatre’s 2023 Christmas Show Creators

Basement Theatre’s Christmas Show is back for the fourteenth year with Janaye Henry and Bea Gladding leading the way. Frickin Dangerous Bro Jamaine Ross was also brought on for his unique mixture of comedy and social commentary, completing a dreamy trio of comedy theatre writers.

“We have always been drawn to the wacky and wonderful. Brown joy is at the forefront of our minds in this particular project. We’re excited to gather a cast and have as much fun with them as possible,” said Henry and Gladding.

As a clown by nature and comedian by nurture, Henry’s first solo show debuted at the NZ International Comedy Festival in 2021. The following year, she was nominated for the Billy T Award and curated the first Wāhine Māori comedy lineup show, Shoes Off (at the Door).

Tarananki’s Gladding, who you might also know as DJ Mr Meaty Boy, studied at Victoria University Wellington before acting in The Duffy Books in Homes and Sexwise.

The duo, who began their creative partnership as co-directors of Sexwise in Ōtepoti, will use The Telethon as a jumping-off point for the hilarious antics and the secret celebrity guest appearances that the Basement Theatre Christmas Show is known for while poking fun at Kiwiana culture and the Number 8 Wire mentality.

The 2023 Basement Theatre Christmas Show Jingle Bellethon Telethon will be held at the Basement Theatre in Auckland towards the end of this year. The Jingle Bellethon Telethon flips the classic Kiwi Telethon upside down with a motley crew of hilarious performers and locals to bring Christmas cheer and rally donations for charity.