Partridge Jewellers to Give Away Half Carat Diamond

Morell Bistro in Remuera, Auckland, Presents its annual long lunch with a dazzling Half  Carat Diamond Giveaway from Partridge Jewellers.

Morell Bistro, the iconic restaurant in Remuera, has launched its annual long lunch event for 2023, and it comes with a sparkling surprise – a half-carat diamond giveaway from Partridge Jewellers. This exceptional event has promised to be an unforgettable day filled with exquisite food, captivating entertainment, and the chance to win a dazzling diamond. 

Upon arrival, guests will be welcomed with a delightful cocktail reception, setting the tone for an afternoon of luxury and indulgence. Attendees can explore the latest offerings from the rebel makeup brand, Basalaj Beauty, and marvel at the breathtaking display of diamonds from Partridge Jewellers. 

Renowned Chef and owner of Morell Bistro, Daniel Morini, will curate a special menu for the occasion. The entrée is a true culinary masterpiece – an exquisite trio of salmon,  tuna, and kingfish ceviche served in a squid ink tapioca wafer. The dish is elegantly drizzled with wasabi mayo and a burnt chilli dressing, presenting a visual and  gastronomic delight that resembles a ‘diamond in the rough.’ 

Adding to the excitement of the day, the famous dance group Danza will grace the event with a thrilling dance show, guaranteed to raise everyone’s heartbeat and leave a lasting impression. 

The event’s highlight will be the giveaway of a stunning half-carat diamond presented by Heather Partridge from Partridge Jewellers. This exquisite gem promises to be a showstopper and will undoubtedly make one lucky guest’s day shine even brighter.