For too long kiwis have embellished salads with dull, perfectly round, always red, sometimes floury, boring tomatoes. Beekist Chef’s Selection and Sunshine Mix tomatoes, ditch the old uniform presentation of yesteryear and add an injection of shape, size, colour and flavour to everyone’s dishes. Diversity should be celebrated, and just like people, no two tomatoes should be considered the same.

Delicious and unique, tomatoes come in all different shapes, sizes and colours and each has its own natural taste sensation. Sweet or tangy. Subtle or savoury. Enjoy tomatoes the way nature intended, by bringing either a Beekist Tomato Chef’s Selection or Sunshine Mix to the table. With a pop of colour and taste, they will provide a welcome interruption not only to the eye, but the palate too. What’s more, they are also a rich source of Vitamin C.