Better Butter Storage with Smoothly

Smoothly Butter Storage

Smoothly is the solution to temperature perfect butter. The state-of-the-art stand-alone butter conditioner automatically keeps butter stored at the right temperature for spreading. Instead of spreading cold butter on your toast or melting the butter too much when you need it for baking, Smoothly gives the perfect butter experience every time. 

Designed in New Zealand by Logan Gill and manufactured in Australia, Smoothly encourages customers to reserve a unit now or get ready to buy live on the Kickstarter campaign starting Monday, 26 September. The campaign will run for 30 days.

The butter container is sustainable, cost-effective, convenient and provides health benefits. 

Smoothly is easy to use – plug the Smoothly in and turn it on. Take a pound (500g) of paper-wrapped butter from the fridge and unwrap it. Open Smoothly and put the button on the metal insert tray. Replace Smoothly’s lid and wait one hour.

SMoothly butter

Anatomy of Smoothly:

  • Bamboo/resin casing: This sustainably-sourced casing looks great on the bench or table. Washable bamboo/resin material resists UV fading.
  • Temperature control: Use the Smoothly app to adjust the temperature (firmer or softer) according to your preferences.
  • Refrigerator circuit and fan: Smoothly automatically warms or cools, depending on the ambient temperature of your home.
  • Removable butter tray: Dishwasher-safe metal butter tray can be removed from Smoothly and placed on the table.
  • Power supply: Plug into an ordinary electrical socket.


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