Many Jewish families continue the tradition of gathering to share a meal on Friday nights, but a new generation is changing the approach to traditional food. What now fills family tables on Friday nights and on Jewish holidays is much more influenced by lifestyles, diets, seasonal produce and the many parts of the world that the Jewish community now call home. At the same time, thanks to the massive influence of North African and Middle Eastern food brought to light through the fame and talent of Yotam Ottolenghi and Michael Solomonov in the US, the rest of the world is discovering the joys of Jewish cooking.

In Feasting, Amanda Ruben brings together her fresh takes on classic recipes, along with popular favourites from her contemporary cafe and deli, Miss Ruben, and her own busy family home.

Carrot salad with miso tahini, Middle Eastern fruit salad with cashew cream, and the best pastrami you may ever taste – these are simple, delicious and (surprisingly) healthy dishes for any lunch, dinner party or holiday celebration.

Feasting helps readers create those picturesque, abundant grazing tables, which really define Amanda’s food, and modern Jewish cooking by allowing us to mix and match the recipes to make our own feasts. The sides and starters are interchangeable; many of the mains can be adapted to serve four people or fourteen. And the signature salads often hold up as a course on their own with nothing more than some great sourdough.