• Magnus and the Crossroads Brotherhood – Robert Fabbri

The complete collection of Robert Fabbri’s bestselling Vespasian series about Magnus and the Southern Quirinal Crossroads Brotherhood. In these thrilling tales, spanning from the rule of Tiberius through the bloody savagery of Caligula to the coming of Nero, Robert Fabbri exposes a world of violence, mayhem and murder that echoes down the ages.

  • A Tall History of Sugar – Curdella Forbes

A haunting epic following an unusual couple’s mysterious love affair from childhood to adulthood, across rural Jamaica, Kingston and England. Beginning in the late 1950s, four years before Jamaica’s independence from colonial rule, and ending in the era of Brexit and Donald Trump, A Tall History of Sugar’s story sweeps between a rural Jamaica scarred by the legacies of colonialism, and an England increasingly riven by race riots and class division.

  • Darkness For Light – Emma Viskic

The third thrilling instalment in the award-winning Caleb Zelic series. After heartbreak and trauma, Caleb Zelic is beginning to rebuild his life. He has a new home, a new business and the chance of a happy love life. But people in power have other ideas.

Caleb’s double-crossing business partner, Frankie, has something they want, and they’re after Caleb to get it. On the hunt for Frankie and information, Caleb is drawn into a world of high-level corruption and dark political deals. The secrets he uncovers could endanger him and everything he holds dear.

  • Golden Child – Claire Adam

A deeply affecting novel following the lives of a family in Trinidad as they navigate impossible choices—winner of the Desmond Elliot Prize 2019.