• All of This Is For You: A Little Book of Kindness – Ruby Jones

A beautiful and thoughtful book perfect for gifting to any person needing a little boost of inspiration.

Ruby Jones has come back to share dozens of luminous, heartfelt, hand-lettered artworks and messages to inspire readers. Filled with Jones’ witty, compassionate and observed drawings that never fail to bring a smile, revel in her practical words of advice to remind us how lucky we are to be here.

  • Fucking Good Manners – Simon Griffin

From the entry-level stuff like saying please, thank you and sorry; manspreading on public transport and double-lane queuing at airports, to those that require just a little bit more thought, such as correct urinal protocol in public toilets, making tea rounds in the office and online public displays of affection, Fucking Good Manners imparts rules and advice to living life in a way that makes it just a bit better for everyone. With some liberal use of rude words thrown in to emphasise the point.

  • The Topeka School – Ben Lerner

The Topeka School is a riveting story about the challenges of raising a good son in a culture of toxic masculinity. It is also a startling prehistory of the present: the collapse of public speech, the tyranny of trolls and the new right, and the crisis of identity among white men. This is a radical new take on the family saga from a bona fide American literary genius.

  • For Small Creatures Such As We – Sasha Sagan

Sasha Sagan explores the meaning behind our most cherished celebrations from births to deaths, holidays to weddings, anniversaries and more. Sagan teaches reader how they can grow these roots into new and fulfilling secular rituals that requires no faith in order to be believed.

  • EFF THIS! MEDITATION – Liza Kindred

Transport your head space into a place of peace and self-compassion with Liza Kindred’s 108 tips and tricks for moments when you are stressed out, anxious or overwhelmed.

  • Confident Parents, Confident Kids – Jennifer S. Miller

Jennifer S. Miller guides parents into honing both theirs and their children’s emotional intelligence in order to make good choices, form connections and communicate well with others, and become aware and confident human beings.

  • The Serenity Passport – Megan C Hayes

Learn the secrets of a calmer way of life from cultures all around the world. Featuring ancient meditative practices to simple self-care philosophies, The Serenity Passport will inspire you to find calmness in everyday life.

  • The Commons – Mathew Evans

We all want more air in our lives: brighter skies, slower days, more time for growing, for cooking, for family.

In The Commons, a book inspired by the hit SBS television show Gourmet Farmer, Matthew Evans captures Fat Pig Farm’s year of growing, cooking and feasting. It’s part how-to, part evocative diary, part cookbook (with more than 100 recipes). It’s the perfect inspiration for those about to embark on a simpler life, a handy reference for those who already have done just that, and a vicarious solution for those who just want to dream the dream without leaving home.

  • The Definitive Bucket List – Lee Atkinson

Spending the kids’ inheritance. Growing old disgracefully. Life begins at 50. You see these catchy phrases on bumper stickers, tea towels and even t-shirts, but all jokes aside, there is one thing we all know – no matter how old our driver’s license says we are, we all feel much younger at heart. And travel goes a long way in keeping you young. Inside this book, you’ll find hundreds of holiday ideas across Australia and New Zealand, from luxury escapes to walking holidays, bike rides, train journeys, golfing trips, garden tours and unforgettable wildlife encounters. If you have time on your hands, if you have retired – or cut back on the working hours – and the kids are old enough to look after themselves (even if they haven’t yet left home), it’s the perfect time to travel, particularly while you’re still fit and active enough to enjoy it. After all, you’ve earned it.

  • Find Your Sparkle – Meredith Gaston

In her beautiful and enchanting new book Find Your Sparkle Meredith Gaston’s delightful words and pictures culminate in a bountiful, hand-illustrated love letter for our spirits. Page by page Meredith encourages us to explore, nurture and nourish our inner sparkle for happier, healthier and more magical living. Her integrative and practical approach to flourishing in daily life will uplift, soothe and encourage her readers. Drawing inspiration from the limitless beauty and mystery of our natural world, Meredith encourages us to create joyous, rich and fulfilling lives that we can truly love.