Can You Escape A House Fire Under Three Minutes?

Did you know house fires can kill in less than three minutes? To raise awareness of house fires, Fire Emergency New Zealand has made a VR 360 video, so you can experience what it’s like trying to escape a house fire.

The VR video shows a realistic house fire with clickable arrows and icons to help you escape the house. Should you take your car keys on the way out? Or should you leave them? Throughout the experience, there are pop-up notifications that guide you throughout the house whilst giving you valuable info you may not know already about house fires.

Real fires are not what it looks like in the movies, they make you think you’ve seen house fires, but you really haven’t. Here are a few points on what the movies don’t tell you:

  • Smoke from a house fire can kill in less than three minutes
  • A third of residential fires based on last year did not have smoke alarms installed
  • You’re four times more likely to survive a house fire if you have a working smoke alarm

Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you test your smoke alarm twice a year, as well as, planning a route and a safe meeting place to make sure you can quickly get out of the house before it is too late.

Not sure where to start? A quiz is also available on the Fire Emergency website to help you make your own escape plan.

Already made your escape plan? Make sure you remind your friends and family to do so themselves too, it could save their lives.