New Date-to-Marry App with Facial Verification

Soulmate, a new dating app using proprietary tech for verifying identity, is launching a beta version in Australia. Designed by founder and CEO, Miles Hannah, the main goal of the app is to protect users from scammers and catfishers whilst dating online.

Trader Defense Advisory (TDA), a company that provides guidance and fund recovery strategies and advice to victims of scams, including forex trading scams and romance scams, recommends those who want to date online familiarise themselves with the dynamics of romance scams and learn how to spot the signs.

As Hannah himself was a victim of catfishers in online dating, he decided to use AI and machine learning to prevent scams and protect online daters, culminating in the development of Soulmate.

Soulmate uses state of the art technology. The typical process of these apps is to have the user enter a live capture scene and ask them to mimic the poses of multiple images on screen. Once completed, these photos are sent to a team for further review.

In comparison, Soulmate accomplishes this process entirely through software. The main feature of Soulmate is real-time, AI-powered facial recognition in a 3-round process to verify the user’s identity.

“Catfishing and scamming are major issues in online dating. I know because I too have been a victim. Our AI technology provides facial recognition in real-time and protects users from becoming victims of catfishing and scamming,” commented Hannah.