Custom BTS Maccas Sneakers Are Taking Over The Internet!

With the recent release of the BTS themed McDonald’s meal, fans have been crazy trying to get a taste of this limited-edition k-pop goodness. For those who are still unfamiliar with BTS, BTS is short for Bangtan Boys, which is a K-pop male group that has been extremely popular amongst teenagers and even adults. They’re basically taking over the world.

The limited-edition BTS meal consists of a drink, fries, chicken nuggets and two limited edition BTS dipping sauce. Yes, we know, it doesn’t actually sound that exciting, it’s just normal McDonald’s food anyway (minus the sauces)? So what are people lining up for? It’s the special packaging – the meal is heavily branded with the BTS logos and has a new purple colourway throughout.

We’ve seen people do some fanatical things to try and preserve the packaging that they get with their meal, but what about creating some sick kicks with them? That’s some next-level sh*t.

Artist Josian Chua (@josiahchua) has posted a series of pictures of his custom BTS McDonald’s sneakers on Instagram and it is taking over the internet by storm. The sneakers are made entirely out of the BTS McDonald’s packaging as well as having a side pocket for chicken nuggets (important).

Check out the BTS video below!


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