Cats Are Stressed By Their Owners Being Home

Animal experts claim that cats are becoming stressed and anxious due to their owners being home all day, as it is disrupting their solitary existence.

As many office workers are thrust back into lockdown or continue to work from home, more pets are being taken to the vet for mental health issues.

Animal charity Cats Protection said that many pets are struggling with their owners being home all day.

Cats are creatures of habit, and any change to their routine can cause stress.

Additionally, ‘safe’ or ‘quiet’ spaces a cat could have escaped having now been usurped and repurposed into a home office leaves them nowhere to take a breather.

The UK’s largest feline welfare charity expressed that the pandemic has amplified existing problems; a cat that doesn’t like children has several hours reprieve during the day.

However, with schools now shut, cats have no quiet time, and their stress levels have skyrocketed.

If a cat is sensitive or disturbed by lots of noises and activity, their stress will also increase due to more people being home.

Signs of stress in a cat can include excessive meowing, overgrooming, excessive scratching, inappropriate urination or defecation, aggression or hiding.