New Zealand’s nature-loving, vegan-friendly skincare company, Goodness Natural Beauty Lab, are spreading the Christmas cheer and encouraging Aussie and Kiwi ladies to choose a Cruelty Free Christmas this festive season. It’s sad to think that millions of cats, dogs, mice, rabbits and other animals continue to suffer in cosmetic testing labs for the sake of beauty and skincare.

Germany were first to the party and banned this nastiness in 1986 and by 2009 the entire European Union banned not only products from being tested on animals but also including the individual ingredients in products as well. Since then, Israel, India, Norway, New Zealand, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan and parts of Brazil have all banned cosmetic testing on animals. Australia has committed to banning all cosmetic animal testing, from final products down to individual ingredients, by July 2018 and the US.

You’re probably wondering at this point what you can do to save a bunny or two, right?  With Aussies and Kiwis about to hit the shops and the internet for some serious retail therapy for their gal-friends and loved ones this Christmas, there’s never been a better time to choose to go Cruelty Free. That’s why this Christmas, Goodness are spreading their own Christmas cheer and encouraging shoppers and their social media world to come together and say no to animal testing by committing to a Cruelty Free Christmas by choosing Cruelty Free Skincare.