The concept of gift buying for cats might seem a bit mad but in fact, Purina Fancy Feast recently completed a survey amongst New Zealanders that found that almost 80 per cent of Kiwi pet owners will be purchasing at least one gift for their cat this Christmas, with more than 15 percent saying they’ll be indulging their pet with three or more presents under the tree. Since your cat can’t speak up to tell you what it wants this year, here’s a list of the top five gifts for your furry friend this Christmas:

The Fire Engine Cat Playhouse from Smack Bang: The ultimate cat cubby house provides as much entertainment for you as it does for your cat.

Ceramic Cat Bowl from Kmart: Whether its fish, milk or any type of food, this bowl with an adorable fish print in the centre is perfect for your pet, because every cat deserves to eat in style.

Catnip Crazy Trembling Mouse from Countdown: Say goodbye to those unwelcome sacrificial surprises.

Purina Puree Kiss: Share a special moment and delight in the joy of hand feeding this delicious treat to your beloved friend this Christmas. The combination of chicken puree and tuna flakes will leave your precious feline wanting more.

Snowman Pom-Pom Sparkle Wand Cat Toy from Animates: Get into the Christmas spirit with your cat this festive season with the sparkle wand cat toy. Because who doesn’t love sparkles and pom-poms at Christmas time?