Cool Crockery makes a Comeback

Back in the day, setting the table meant more than a plate and knives and forks, there was an abundance of china dishes which each served a unique purpose. But as time went by, we started moving too quickly, and alas moved away from stylish centrepieces and niche serve wear.

However, Fennec and Friends are proud to announce that the time has come for everyone to dust off their china and embrace the fancifulness of hard-core crockery.

To celebrate this trend resurgence, we have pulled together some of the funkiest designs around for the classic butter dish. Why stick to dingy looking plastic containers when you could class up your dinner table with some of these cool pieces of crookery.

This first design is from Urban Outfitters and brings a modern flair to this once deemed outdated piece of china. The bold colour pulls against crockery norms, and the fun stereo shape provides a funky flavour.

Our one qualm is that it may be hard to find a matching china set.

Our rating: 3/5


Artful Homes have presented an interesting design here. A doggy shape seems like a good idea, but there is something rather off about this young pup. We aren’t sure whether it is the oddly proportioned body or the soul-piercing eyes, but whatever butter is lurking beneath him is almost certainly haunted.

Our rating: 1/5


This brand has taken the opposite approach to poochy china. The design is inspired by the sausage dog, one of the most inspired doggy silhouettes, and would hold a nice long stick of butter. The chic simplicity of this piece makes it the perfect companion to almost any china set.

Our rating: 4/5


You couldn’t ask for a more jovial piece of dinner wear than this. West Elm have moulded their butter bowls into fun little sandcastles, and better still, they come in a selection of cute colours. You could even use each sandcastle to hold a different variant of butter: Red for fully unsalted, green for goats’ milk, yellows for sea-salt and white for grass-fed. Delicious!

Our rating: 4/5


This final design is our absolute favourite! This sleek elephant design combines an original shape with the classic colours of high brow crockery. The elephant has an adorable shape to it, and the extended trunk acts as both a playful feature and a rather helpful handle. We are certain to never forget this cool piece of crockery!

Our rating: 5/5