Don’t Settle for Ordinary Potatoes, Choose Sunlite Low Carb Potatoes

Sunlite Low Carb Potatoes is the perfect combination of taste, texture, and health benefits!

Say goodbye to heavy, gluggy potatoes and hello to the creamy yellow goodness of Sunlite. With its light texture, biting into a Sunlite potato is a delight, unlike any other variety you’ve tried. And cooking it couldn’t be easier – just 12 minutes from a full boil, and you’ll have perfectly cooked potatoes for mashing or boiling.

And the best part? Sunlite’s unique flavour! Unlike dull, bland potatoes, Sunlite’s delicious nutmeg-like taste will leave your taste buds dancing. And it’s not just tasty; it’s also a healthier option with fewer carbs, making it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and health-conscious consumers.

Sunlite potatoes are bred in Holland and grown in various locations throughout New Zealand so that you can trust every pack’s quality and freshness. The Sunlite potatoes also come in 1kg and 2kg sizes, already washed and ready to cook. Plus, you can take advantage of its funky electric blue packaging that will make it stand out in any supermarket aisle.

Don’t settle for ordinary potatoes – try Sunlite Low Carb Potatoes and experience the difference for yourself! If you can’t find them at your local supermarket, simply ask your Produce Manager.

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